Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Flickr crush!! I know it's still meant to be summer, but honestly I've been getting so excited about autumn. My summer has been great so far, but not the type of summer that makes great photographs- just grey skies, rain and limited sleepovers. I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral last night, and I didn't enjoy as much as i expected to. I think maybe my sense of humour is different to that in the film? PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


  1. these pics are beautiful!

    and don't be silly, you shouldn't feel stupid asking, although i get nervous about leaving comments and asing questions too..

    anyway! the shopping centre in town called The Arndale has a pretty big Topshop and New Look. And! A shoe shop that looks shite from the outside, relly cheap, but they have rip offs of topshop shoes for about £20, it's on the top florr somewhere. The main street has a big Urban Outfitters and H&M, oh and the Primark is huge! But my favourite places are a 2 minute walk from there on Oldham Street, a place called Ryan Vintage ( although the sign just says Vintage), and Pop Boutique, also a place opposite those called Affleck's Palace, now you might have to have a wonder round and take quite a few flights of stairs but once you get near the top there's quite a few vintage bits, i still get lost in there now! and depending on your budget there is a Selfridges the bottom end of town, by the big wheel, there's a topshop at the top of there too, oh and the whole freedom jewellery range.. oh and Zara! which isss.. by the big M&S, just ask anyone, they will tell you the way.

    As for places to eat.. i don't really eat out all that much because i am a poor student, and cleary shop too much! but the Pizza Express is pretty good, and a place called Zizi's, which does similar stuff..

    i think that's all! if i can help you anymore let me know :)

    sorry if it's one big ramble!


  2. HELLA YES FLICKR CRUSH . those photos are all amazing ! i love the grainy feel to them, like they're a blast from the past, and the simple objects in the shots .
    as for the whole summer\autumn thing, i can totally relate . well, i want it to stay summer for the sake of not having any schoolwork, but i'd rather autumn right now to be able to wear chunky knits and sip tea and all that jazz (i actually just posted something very similar to that yesterday on my very own blog, teehee) .

    stay in touch doll .

  3. love all the pics! i wish it was summer i hate winter [ in australia] love the blog!

  4. these are sooo inspiring!!!!!