Sunday, 1 November 2009

It's that time of year again. The time of year I have to restrain myself from getting ridiculously excited about Christmas. The fact that shops are already exploiting it as way of making as much money as possible and have been for at least two weeks already makes me sad. But the lights and colours and food totally negate my sadness, even if I don't allow myself to become directly excited by such festivity until December 1st. Not being a religious person, Christmas for me is more a tradition I adore than a celebration of the birth of Jesus. It's actually kind of silly i'm posting this. We're one day into november. Anyway:
EDIT: I didn't realise how badly written that little paragraph above was. Sorry!!
Louise nevelson


  1. wooooooooooow!
    amazing blog!!

  2. I totally agree about Christmas, I found myself writing a list of gifts I want to buy in September this year, haha, I've always loevd the run up to Christmas, but think I'm extra excited this year because I will be in Sweden with friends and family after one year in Sydney and one in London, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas this year :)

  3. So amazing!
    Love your blog, it's so cool :)

  4. these things are so amazing, and you just reminded me i need to start my christmas list!

  5. the art is really cool! makes me think of bookcases :P

  6. some really interesting images on your blog, great stuff
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  7. miss fuschia g, your blog is cool. claire x