Tuesday, 29 September 2009


If i'm honest I've been struggling to get excited about the spring/summer collections because at the moment I'm in an entirely autumn/winter mindset and seeing all this bare skin and cold pastic shoes is making me squirm in discomfort. Also, I've not really fallen head-over-heels-not-a-look-i-dislike in love with a collection yet. There are elements I like in each show, like the chandelier dresses and bright lips at prada, and I do love the (squirm inducing) plastic shoes. However I strongly dislike the tailoring of some pieces in this collection, as well as the prints. Not loving the hair either. gosh stop complaining fuschia


  1. This is so beautiful, I especially love the shoes!

  2. designers should think of new-more interesting ways of popping out for a bit at the ends of the shows. bored of miuccia's 1 sec cameo :)