Sunday, 4 October 2009

don't look down

Loved quite a lot at Lanvin. Balmain has done the exact same thing again in my opinion- and I understand brand identity is important, andI understand why people love it, but for me it's all a bit... I don't know, I'm not in the most eloquent of moods. The whole my-super-expensive-clothes-are-falling-to pieces-oh-well vibe doesn't really work for me; I understand looking 'deconstructed' but not like a tramp is an art, just an art I don't even want to try to attempt.


  1. Amazing post!!! I love the variety of textures and colors! Great choice!

  2. yeah, balmain already looks 'so last season' ;) already

  3. ah want those kl sandals!

    you are so lovely, that comment has really made my day/LIFE


  4. fantastic photos.
    the whole collection is so timeless and classy.
    and the hair is fab too, makes me want to grow mine again!

  5. You feature the most amazing collections of photographs on your blog. Props to you for having a wonderful eye for beautiful things! x