Monday, 5 October 2009

all that glitters

karl lagerfeld
I adore the shoes, and like the collection- but as ever, it's a bit stark for me
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Dries Van Noten
I think, taking the last two seasons into account, I am a Dries fan. Not being one to clash prints however, I am not always crazy about the styling, but I think as individual items, the clothes are beautiful. I think this has been my favourite collection so far this season... the chino style trousers with that embellished cardigan, almost sheer white top and amazing necklace had me hyperventilating.
Also, Nicolas Ghesquière, you beautiful man, what have you done this season!? :'(


  1. Hi, nice blog, love the pictures.. ;)


  2. this lagerfeld hand piece is amazing!

    thanks for your comments!